"Poeta da Colina - Um Romântico no Século XXI"

domingo, 8 de novembro de 2009

“Walking Away” (02/11/2009)

I have been waiting
Standing all alone
Like a fool in the end
The sun is gone
The moon won’t come
The darkness is upon me
And a still was looking
Maybe in the next turn
You were on time
A few minutes to arrive
And the revolution broke out
My heart losing his pace
And I started losing my mind
All the reasons became unreal
My doubts unsettling
My body uneasy
It doesn’t feel right
I couldn’t be there
It was too comfortable
Living once again
And complain when you be gone
A cheap shot to romance
A lie that I couldn’t stand
I already came too far
Now I need to get free
I hope you understand why

I started walking
I didn't give up the hope of the train pass
I just choose not to be there

Ass: Danilo Mendonça Martinho

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